How To Make an Engaging Company Homepage

The first thing that consumers see when they click on your website link is your business's homepage. An engaging, alluring homepage can keep the attention of the user and make them want to further interact with your business. That being said, making a homepage that conveys the exact message you want to send about your company can sound daunting. Do you want to look serious and professional with cool, dark undertones? Or maybe fun, with bright colors, and a quirky atmosphere? After working with numerous companies to design the perfect vision for their business, we’ve found out a few tips and tricks to get you started.

Social Media Links

In 2021, nearly every consumer with a smartphone is also actively engaging on social media platforms. Common websites include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and Youtube. Links to these platforms on your homepage can easily show consumers more information about your company. Being active on social media shows customers that you are also staying active within your community. Plus, users want to see what other people are truly thinking of you and your business through reviews. Do you have reviews that are old or recent? What is your average star rating? This might determine if the consumer will continue doing business with you. Your social media might have pictures that show who works at the company and if you are participating in extracurricular activities as a team. Photos of your colleagues engaging with your clients can help create a lasting, positive impression.

Awards and Associations

If your business was awarded for an achievement, presenting that recognition on your homepage could show website visitors that your company goes above and beyond for their clients. This could build your credibility and persuade consumers to continue engaging in business with you. Displaying awards can undoubtedly promote your company, however, you have to be careful to not over-promote as well. Listing a few awards on your homepage, and further awards in blog posts or social media posts can distribute your companies accomplishments to showcase your talents without bragging. Also, if your business has joined a non-profit organization or other associations, displaying this on your homepage can show customers that you are involved and care about giving back to the community.

Services Provided

Now, what exactly does your company do? This is one of the main questions visitors are asking as they visit your website. Do you provide the services that I’m looking for? Adding bullet-point summaries of this to your homepage can help consumers make split-second decisions about pursuing business with you. For example, a dentist’s office might have orthodontics, oral hygiene, pediatrics, and restorative dentistry on their homepage. Clicking on these services can lead visitors to another page with further information detailing what equipment is used, what insurances are accepted, and the process behind getting the work done. Having these short summaries on your homepage can encourage users to want to learn more about your business.

Follow Up

After successfully gaining the user's attention, you want to encourage them what to do next. This can convert website engagement to business engagement, and having it included on your homepage is essential. You can achieve this by adding a further information section, or a contact us form. Providing an area for customers to describe the issue they're having and see if your business could help allows you to initiate direct contact with the customer. You could post a link to request a quote, or a quick call button to your phone number so the consumer can schedule an appointment. Keeping it simple allows prospective businesses to quickly get the information they desire.